Remember when you wanted to fly?!

Relive the fascinating evolution of naval aviation through the eyes of a fighter pilot turned Commander – get an insider’s perspective on critical moments in history along with plenty of humor and camaraderie.

About Al

Author-Aubrey L. (Al) Wise is a retired Navy Captain who did two combat deployments to Vietnam with 229 combat missions.  He also served in six fighter squadrons, commanding Fighter Squadron 11, Fighter Squadron 171 and Commander Air Wing Seven.  He also had several “unique” tours not the least as an aide to three Navy Vice Admiral’s.  He now lives in Pensacola Florida with his wife Lyn and his two-boy dogs, Baxter and Andy.

The Silver Tongue Devil

Behold the mighty F-4 Phantom – a dominant force that revolutionized naval aviation. With its power and versatility, this iconic fighter jet outpaced previous aircraft, allowing pilots like Capt. Aubrey Wise to push the limits. Its imposing yet sleek design matches its reputation for achieving air superiority. This intersection of engineering and artistry makes the Phantom an aviation legend. Let these images spur your imagination – then learn the stories of the bold pilots who handled these beasts.



56 years have passed from the front cover to the back cover of this book. The author describes his Navy life beginning with growing up in the “Cradle of Naval Aviation” in Pensacola, Florida during the mid-1940s and 1950s time periods. He also writes about the social aspects of those times in Pensacola and the effects World War 11 naval officers and enlisted had on him.

He writes about the deadly seriousness of combat flying and carrier aviation. He balances this seriousness and responsibilities to his country with more than plenty of humor, with him in the center.  He writes about an unusual Pentagon tour that we see the results of today and the “Gilded Age” life of the senior Admiral he served under. Add a dash of life in a Fighter Squadron in the 70’s and that is his book.

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